Urgent Medical Courier

Medical test kit courier across the UK. We are very experienced and up to speed with the latest requirements in medical courier requirements. Courier Anywhere can ensure safe, fast and secure delivery of investigative medicine, patient samples, Covid19 samples.

Cord blood bank samples collected anywhere in the UK and delivered to storage banks with dedicated vehicle, day and night.

PCR Collection and Delivery

Collection from Clinic, Pharmacy, Private addresses or dropbox and delivered on time to Scientific Laboratory or Test Centre direct anywhere in the UK.

If you are isolating have a day 2 sample collected and delivered, we can help. Give us a call.

We are well versed in the collection and delivery of PCR samples and have delivered to most labs around the UK including Randox in County Antrim, Anglia DNA in Norwich, Eurofins in Central Scotland and more.

Since May 2020 Courier Anywhere have successfully moved thousands of PCR samples around the country.  We continue collecting and delivering samples all over Scotland and the UK.

We are very proud to have been essential key workers and continuing throughout the pandemic.  We have collected and delivered PCR samples on behalf the highest profile personalities and celebrities around the UK and our drivers very proudly getting meet these public figures, socially distanced ofcourse. We have delivered PCR samples to Ireland direct from the UK mainland on a Friday night, delivering to Antrim at 5am on a Saturday.

Providing such a niche service to our customers meant Courier Anywhere proudly played a small but vital part,  allowing football matches, formula 1 racing, COP26, film recordings, world travel and much more all to continue smoothly for our clients, getting each individual PCR sample to the correct laboratory in good time.