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Courier Anywhere is a Glasgow based dedicated UK courier service operating nationwide.  Service Scotland, Highlands & Islands

In a nutshell, we offer same-day & next-day delivery throughout the U.K for businesses.

We provide a dedicated courier service where the driver will collect your item and deliver it straight to its destination with no detours, no warehouses, and no multiple drivers.

Our company was borne out of our observations whilst working for some of the biggest courier companies in the UK where the service quality lacked the personal touch. 

Our primary goal at Courier Anywhere is to provide the best service for our customers. 

We take pride in what we do and oversee every job through from booking to delivery ensuring the best service every time! 

Whether it’s a family heirloom, or an expensive machine component or medical test equipment or anything else really- we have you covered.

We have full public liability insurance and goods in transit insurance covering up to £50,000.

The beauty of our service is that we have never had any issues with lost or damaged cargo as we collect your parcel and go direct to its chosen destination and deliver your package personally. 

In the extremely unlikely event that your parcel was lost or damaged in transit you have peace of mind knowing that you are properly covered by our goods in transit insurance.

Our Services

Fast Same Day Courier Service throughout the UK

We are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year to transport your consignments to their destination quickly, safely, and reliably.

1 Hour Collection

We can be at your chosen collection point within 1 hour of booking in most cases throughout the UK.

Time Critical Delivery

We can transport your goods to their destination in double quick time. Whether it’s a part an engineer is waiting for or a COVID19 PCR test kit that needs transported asap to a laboratory we have you covered.

High Valued Item Delivery

For items with a high value -such as jewellery, antiques, or expensive watches etc- normal delivery companies are not the best choice as they can easily lose or misplace your parcel. With our dedicated courier service, the person that collects your parcel is the same person that delivers it. Our drivers are personally accountable for their consignments and will not collect or drop of multiple parcels at the same time or make unnecessary detours. They will go straight to their destination.

Covid PCR Test Kit Collection / Delivery

We can courier COVID19 test kits to their required destination quickly and safely. Whether it is a PCR test or IG antibody test we can courier it to your laboratory of choice in double quick time.

Our Guarantee
All our drivers are tracked via GPS to keep our customers up to date when our customers goods are collected, in transit and delivered, keeping you in the picture all the way.
A Case Study- why a dedicated courier is the best choice for sensitive cargo.

There was a recent case bought to our attention of a fishing charter company which had to deliver an expensive part to a customer in Greece. It was a gearbox for a boat. The part was worth thousands. The delivery company took the parcel and promptly lost it. The owners of the fishing charter company had no recourse to recover the lost goods or its equivalent cash value as the parcel was only insured up to £60.

This would never happen with our service. The same person that collects your parcel is the same person who would deliver it. Apart from personal accountability for your goods in transit our insurance coverage is much more adequate.

We collect and deliver anything from letters to parcels, covid test kits, pallets of plastic materials and anything else you can think of.

Did we mention we offer just in time delivery?

If you are a business needing goods transported to or from your premises quickly, we can uplift and drop off your cargo fast and in time. We are routinely employed by other businesses that require parts or goods to be transported to site quickly to avoid delays to important works.

Delivery Areas

We operate our own private fleet of vehicles covering the whole of the mainland UK and Ireland. 

Need a parcel picked up?
You name it, we can get it, Usually within the hour!
Anything, anytime, courier anywhere!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is it possible to offer a same courier service UK wide?

We are able to offer a same courier service by having dedicated operatives and vehicles throughout the country ready to take your consignments. WE COLLECT AND DELIVER ONLY YOUR CONSIGNMENT. This is unlike other courier companies who may collect and drop off multiple parcels on each delivery meaning the risk of parcels being lost or taking longer to arrive to their destination are higher.

Do you have a courier near me?

Yes, we operate nationwide throughout the UK and have our own fleet and our team of trusted subcontractors who can get to you quickly and efficiently.

Can you really have a courier with me to collect my package in 1 hour?

We have a large fleet of our own vehicles and have access to over 2000 couriers throughout the UK to offer you the quickest and fastest service. Provided there are no extreme weather conditions or road issues we can be with you ready to safely collect your parcel in as little as 1 hour.

How will I know my package has been delivered?

All our vehicles are tracked and as soon as your parcel has been delivered, we can send you proof of delivery. You can also call our office to get updates whilst your goods are in transit.

Is my cargo safe?

Yes.  We will only transport your parcel when it is in our custody. We will collect and deliver at specific times which are pre specified (bearing in mind weather conditions or unforeseen situations which could occur to any courier firm). We also have trackers in all vehicles and -should the worst happen- goods in transit insurance of up to £100,000. We can also provide direct contact with your courier in case of emergencies.

Why should I use a dedicated courier?

People use dedicated couriers for many reasons such as:

  • The transport of fragile loads such as porcelain and glass which may need to be handled more carefully.
  • Time critical delivery of goods where it is vital the materials reach their destination as soon as possible. 
  • High value consignment delivery -such as expensive jewellery or antiques- where a normal service may not be appropriate.

We offer a same day service throughout all of the UK and most of Europe.

  • Glasgow
  • Edinburgh
  • Aberdeen
  • Dundee
  • Manchester
  • London
  • Liverpool
  • Preston
  • Nottingham
  • Chelmsford
  • Preston 
  • Bristol
  • Birmingham

Whether it’s a city or town we can be there in as little as 1 hour to transport your cargo to its chosen destination.

Do you offer both domestic and a commercial courier service?

We courier for domestic and commercial customers. It does not matter who you are, where you are or what the parcel is. We can-in most cases- be at your service to safely and quickly transport your parcel from A to B.

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